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From today until the 31st, we have a special offer: 
$0 set-up fee when you hire your own Virtual Professional! 
Do you think that having additional team members could boost your productivity even more? 

According to a study conducted by Prof. James. B. Oldroyt at MIT, your odds of reaching a lead if you call them within 5 minutes of their reaching out compared to waiting 30 minutes drop 100 times.

We can set you up with someone trained to prospect and make calls. We’ve got a few full-time ISAs ready to give you leverage and set those appointments! 

Hire them now so you can hit the ground running right at the beginning of the year and save $397* from your set-up fee!

Got your prospecting covered? We also have amazing Administrative and/or Marketing assistants available for hire as well.
* MyOutDesk's $397 set-up fee is waived and set at $0 when you sign up for your own Virtual Professional.
Promo is valid from from today until December 31, 2017.
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