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Cut Your Recruiting Process from
6-weeks to 1-week with Bruce and Michelle Brunk

A few years back, Bruce and Michelle Brunk found themselves waist deep in the hiring process and sinking fast. They had just lost a valued employee, someone who had been with them for more than five years. The split had been a natural, amicable move but the transition was proving to be laden with brambles and snares. Though part of the Keller Williams family they were responsible for secondary hires and the process was robbing them of what little time they had for high-dollar pursuits. What started as a minor annoyance developed into a larger problem that threatened to resurface sooner rather than later. Could they really expect the next employee to last five years? Here are just a few of the challenges they encountered:

  •  Identifying their ideal candidate - Bruce and Michelle realized that in order to find the right person, they first had to determine what caliber of employee they needed. Would they entrust this person with more than basic admin tasks? If so, what would they most like to take off their plate? What level of education/experience would their best case scenario employee need to have? 
  •  Placing the RIGHT ad - A good recruitment ad is a finely crafted thing. Bruce and Michelle learned that even a well intentioned ad, if lacking in specifics, will attract far more desperate job seekers than experienced talent.  
  •  Overflow of unqualified candidates - The response from unqualified applicants was overwhelming, and narrowing them down to a dozen worth a second look, then a few worth interviewing proved to be an extremely time consuming chore. 
  •  Interview time - Bruce and Michelle spent hours interviewing candidates only to find that none of them truly fit their needs. And they knew there were no hidden gems in the resume stack.  
  •  Finding someone who actually wanted the job - Through the interview process Bruce and Michelle found plenty of people who wanted a job, but few if any who wanted the job they were offering. They found that candidates with long-term potential simply were not available in their local area. 
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